About Loop Networks

Loop Networks Pvt. Ltd. Is an emerging internet service provider in Nepal which was established with the motto of “Happy Customer”. The managing director and chairman of the company, Mr. Satish Pokhrel started this business to provide proper service in the Nepalese market in 2016. We are focused on providing our customers with the best fiber internet service through up-to-date technical infrastructure and 24×7 customer support. We primarily focus on quality support to our customers on a regular basis to keep up with our motto.

Loop Networks’ main aim is to satisfy our valued customers. For that, we keep in touch with our customers on a regular interval. This helps us know about the status of the service. To attain our theme “We care about our Customers”, we do not just wait for our customers to contact us but our support team frequently will keep in touch with customers to know if the service is running well. Our aim is to reach every nook and corner of Nepal at affordable rates because we believe that today “Internet is a necessity, not a luxury”.

We specialize in the FTTH Internet Service, IPTV, Monitoring, Cloud Service and Email Services.

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